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Test Automation

Automation of regression test sets,
advisory on automation scope.
For better testcoverage and successful effort allocation.

We are a leading provider of test automation solutions.

BiQ is at the forefront of test automation techniques, technologies and methods with our test automation services.
We work with customers in various industries to stimulate their innovation in automation and quality optimization.
Our expertise covers all test automation platforms and we have an extensive knowledge base of the best practices we use for our customers.
Our solution components for test automation:
The right process: A methodology that delivers quantifiable results to address challenges such as maintaining the accuracy of repetitive tasks, accelerating the software development lifecycle, improving technology platforms and improving security.
The right technology: A complete set of industry-specific software tools and licenses to complement existing internal tools.
The right people: Projects led by a team of professionals who have worked with QA teams, business analysts and developers.
BiQ professionals have carried out automation projects using a variety of automation technologies.
For example, we used HP UFT, Selenium, Ranorex, etc.
That’s why we develop and implement the most appropriate test automation solution for your objectives, deadlines and budget.

Testing Tools and Secure Infrastructure Requirements BiQ provides all necessary infrastructure, communication and software testing tools for every project. As a result, we are ready to provide a complete turnkey solution to meet our customers' quality assurance requirements. All necessary software tool licenses are included in all our prices.

A sample of our platforms, tools, and technologies:

Test Automation
Test Automation
Test Automation
Test Automation
Test Automation

Our Services

BiQ provides the following services as part of our services:
• All-round solution delivery
• Advisory Consulting
• Proof of concepts and pilots
• Software Development Life Cycle Tool Optimization
• staff increase
• Training and knowledge sharing

Comprehensive test automation solution delivery

BiQ offers testing services covering the spectrum from thought leadership, assessments and advice, automation to training and knowledge transfer.

Advisory Consulting

We offer advisory consulting services. An automation assessment is an in-depth survey and overview of a company’s automation capabilities and readiness. During our automation assessment, we examine artifacts, practices, capabilities, organizational composition, budgetary and technological sensitivities, culture and current objectives that would affect automation and its use. Our results guide the appropriate and effective application of test automation approaches, strategies, structures and technologies to a company implementing an automation initiative. BiQ also offers consulting and coaching with an automation strategy. This is a commitment related to a project to advise the different levels of a company on the design and implementation of an automation strategy. This is followed by scaling and re-application of the automation strategy beyond the initial project…

SDLC Tool Optimization

BiQ understands the importance of specialized tools to support test automation and testing as a whole. We research, prescribe solutions and implement the best automation tool for our customers’ needs. In addition, BiQ provides the tools, connectivity and processes necessary to optimize test automation between projects, the SDLC and the enterprise…


BiQ test automation provides you with the following measurable benefits:
• Higher speed of software rollouts
• Decreased product development costs
• Increased confidence
• Repeatable test processes
• Increased test automation capabilities of your in-house team
• New product development and testing resources are deployed.

Whether it’s an agile, cascade or hybrid solution, we offer consulting services from A to Z and test automation services through people, tools and processes. Thanks to our industry leadership and opinion on data testing, QA consultants have automated methods and solutions for data migration, data quality and large data testing.

BiQ Team and Management

BiQ implements a “Test Automation Solution” approach to execute Best Practice QA processes. By working together in a team environment, we are able to achieve quality and good results. The experienced expertise of the BiQ test teams becomes more and more important when training, orientation and environmental knowledge become an important factor. Our responsiveness to the needs of our clients ensures high quality results, high accuracy and the use of comprehensive test governance. In an efficient and effective manner, we have the necessary knowledge and confidence in our ability to deliver project results. Customers benefit from a fast start, flexible project execution and a highly productive team.